Saturday, July 14, 2012


We are off on vacation starting Sunday.  We'll go to Victoria BC first and then to the Oregon coast to get together with my family to have a celebration for my folk's 65th anniversary (it's in September, but this was the time when all of us could get togther). 
I'm taking my TdF spinning & some knitting.  'tP' is taking books - well I'm taking a few, too. 


Kathy said...

We have learned to pack our hobby interests and "toys" first. You have to keep your priorities straight.

Thank you so much for the visit on Saturday. I'm touched that you would take the time since you were leaving on vacation the next day. It was wonderful to meet you.

Hallie said...

Ditto to Mom's comment. I only wish there had been more time to chat--I could have asked you so many questions about pruning, gardening, bee keeping, etc. it sounds like you have a pretty nice setup there at your place on the Palouse. Hope you are enjoying vacation!

drMolly, the BeanQueen