Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some progress - really!

I got the little english boy sweater off the needles, ends woven in and ready for buttons.  Here's a photo of it right before the ends were woven in: 

I am trying to decide if I should put on regular buttons (secured really-really well, of course) or make some yarn buttons of the yarn itself.  Yarn buttons are quite easy to make with crochet & some plastic rings.  It has turned out such a cute garment.  

And since we are going to be great-grandparents in November it will give me a chance to make lots of baby things.  Plus, it will be a little girl and since I've never had the chance to make "girl-y grandbaby" things I will be very busy!

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Kathy said...

Such a cute sweater! And I wish you much happiness in making little girl items. What fun! Our youngest granddaughter is four and already a budding athlete. I don't think she shares Grandma Kathy's love of vintage dolls. She's rather had a pencil and tablet -- really.

drMolly, the BeanQueen