Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well, I got one thing done..............

Due to the fact that I did not get home until quite late yesterday I figure that I did fairly well to get the Irma pickles finished.  I did get the beans end-trimmed and cut into pieces - they are waiting in the refrigerator for me to can them tonight, I'll get to add a few more as I noticed while feeding the chickens this AM that there are some ready to pick. 
I also sorted through my plums to get the ripe ones separate from the not-quite-so-ripe ones.  They are all getting ripe, though, so they will have to be preserved soon, too. 
Plus there is that small box of peaches to do, too.  The peaches will be "moving to a colder climate" for pies & cobblers later in the year :~).

It has cooled down so much that the tomatoes & cucumbers are not doing well.  I suppose I shall have to ripen the tomatoes in boxes in the garage to finishe them off.  I plan to see if I can find some cucumbers at the Farmer's market or such so we can make more pickles.  I have promised my grand-daughter-to-be that I'll show her how to make pickles, both Irma's and my signature garlic dills.  The #1GS said she is excited to do this.  Who would have thought????  A young person still interested in the "old-fashioned ways"?? 
But, let me tell you I AM GLAD!!

Speaking of chickens, I saw on the Fresh Eggs Daily blog an article about French Copper Marans chickens - they lay the lovliest dark brown eggs.  I may try to get some of them the next time round for my hens!

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