Sunday, September 02, 2012

Much accomplished this weekend so far

All sorts of 'stuff' put by, some knitting done, some cleaning & some getting ready for autumn.

Plums canned & dried, beans canned, bread made, menues planned, some potatoes dug - lovely purple ones! - and the front porch cleaned up.  'tP' washed the car & then took the #2 GS bowling before he goes to his league bowling. 
I started on another bear for the Mother Bear Project,

started the feet on a pair of CMS socks for SocksForSoldiers,
cast on the Haruni Shawl for the Yarn Underground September KAL

and worked on my dad's sweater. 

I also got the pattern pieces for my vintage dress pattern all attached to fusible interfacing (the way I preserve the pattern pieces to be used again & again, vintage or not) and made copies of the directions so I don't have to keep folding & refolding the fragile paper from the pattern - Vogue 6571 circa 1940's.

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