Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn and 7 days until retirement!

It's still dry-dry-dry here and no relief in sight.
The nights are cold, but days still warm - in the 80's.
I've started the garden clean-up and have just a few things left to harvest.  I plan to dig carrots and the rest of the potatoes this weekend.  I still need to hang the dry bean plants up so they can finish drying down the beans themselves and, of course, those protected tomatoes continue to ripen.  I expect that the 'temp greenhouse' will the the last to be emptied.

'tP' & I went out to an old abandoned orchard near Viola, ID and got 3 different types of plums - it was almost too late, we'll have to go earlier next year.  There was a tree absolutely loaded with Damson plums & we got many of them - here comes Damson plum jam.............Mmmmmmmmmmmmm good!  We also got a few yellow plums that are good for jam or preserves and some prune-plums to dry.  All in all a good day.  There had been pears, but someone already got them and there are lots of apples of different varieties, but we have plenty of our own so don't pick them there.

I was able to find some fabric that goes well with the colors that the grandkids have picked out for their baby's room so I'll be starting the curtains this weekend, too.  Then I will start on my baby knitting and sewing.  Oh what fun - a little girl to make things for!

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