Monday, September 24, 2012

How is it that your house knows when you've managed to save some money??????????

Saturday we discovered - VERY UPLEASANTLY,  I might add - that our water heater has apprently been leaking for quite some time.  Mike could not figure why the carpet in the bedrooom, under his bowling bags, was wet.  I then discovered that the carpet on the floor of the pantry in the hallway was wet and  the cleaning products I had stored there (boxes of dishwashing detergent) were wet and in danger of falling apart.  I took out all of the stored items: my storage boxes of canning jar rings, the detergent, and my other cleaning supplies, to find the floor completely saturated.  I then checked in our "furnace room" - where our gas furnace and water heater are housed, also the access to the crawl space beneath the house - and there the unpleasant truth was revealed!  There was some standing water in the crawl space, the floor beneath the water heater was wet and moldy, & the floor beneath the furnace was wet.  The plumbing person further revealed that the damage was a lot worse than we could see on the surface. 
Being the weekend all we could do was turn off the water and wait until today to call the insurance company.  I now have calls into them, the service to start the clean-up and the heating/plumbing company we use. 
We have no hot water; the plumbing guy helped me turn off the water heater, drain the tank and set up so we could have cold water for use in toilets, etc.  But we have to heat all needed water for washing dishes, etc. on the top of the stove.  That means no showers, no clothes washing but in cold water (luckily most of the laundry is done this way) and no dishwasher.
And, more than likely from the looks of it, we will have to replace floors, carpets, etc. etc. as well as the water heater, of course.

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Kathy said...

Wow! I'm sorry. There must be a silver lining someplace. Hopefully you've at least been wishing for new carpet.

Well, problems like this give us a taste of how people used to live. At least your cold water is clean. I remember in my childhood the electricity used to go off with some regularity. My mother would heat water in the big canning kettle for our baths.

drMolly, the BeanQueen