Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photo Wednesday!

Here's a photo of "the Girls" right after I let them out of their run.  Days when I will be around to make sure no stray dogs cause problems, they get to explore and find all sorts of 'goodies' to eat in the yard and unprotected garden areas.  Helps keep down the bug population, 'doncha' know?

Anyway, I was out planting the garlic bulblets and transplanting the onions that I start late to overwinter - thus producing nice LARGE onions the next year - I let the girls out to forage.  They wait eagerly for me to come out in the morning so they can get their fill of out-of-coop food.  They are easy to get back in, too, as they come running when I go into the back yard.  They KNOW I'll give them scratch and they can't resist, even if it means they'll be shut up in the run after.

I hope to be able to remember to add a photo of the homestead / crafts / whatever on Wednesdays from now on.  It's a chore for my forgetful brain, but mayhap if I can do it weekly for a while it will turn into a habit!

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