Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday on the Palouse

After I had looked at the weather forecast and saw "the chance of snow" on it I decided I had better get those winter favas planted.  So, now all of the over-winter crops are in the ground.  Just have to get a bale of straw and cover that bed & we shall see what spring brings us in that garden bed.
I was able to finish cleaning & organizing my office / computer room space.  Amazing how much non-essential paper one can store when one has no time to do a good sort-through!
Now I'm working on the craft room. 
It won't be done this week, though, as tomorrow I am off to knitting/spinning/weaving camp.  Our fiber group, The Wool Gatherers, is having a weekend retreat Friday afternoon through Sunday noon-time. 
Some of the members who are weavers are bringing their looms and we're going to have a lesson in weaving - making some place mats.  I'm going to use fabric strips for mine as I have no spare fiber - not being a sheep owner, LOL.  I really don't plan to do much weaving & do not want to get a loom, but I thought I'd like to try it out anyway.  And reatreats are always fun!

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