Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tomato storm

Today I started turning the 33# of tomatoes (yes, I harvested & put into the freezer, 33# of tomatoes from our little greenhouse crop!) into tomato sauce & eventually spaghetti sauce.  I had taken all the frozen tomatoes out yesterday to allow them to be thawed today.  It took me literally "hours to run them all through the 'Squeezo Strainer'", but as my daughter said "aren't you glad you have that Squeezo?".  I have my 2 slow cookers - and they are both LARGE ones - filled with tomato juice / sauce to thicken.  There is a large bowl waiting also to add to the cookers as the level in each drops until I have all of the tomato product being reduced to the desired thickness.

I finally got that Haruni shawl blocked & here is a picture of it lying on 'tP's easy chair. 

I had to use white yarn to finish the edge as I had run out of my hand-dyed yarn.  It is a bit different, but I think it looks fine, plus the DH complimented me on the look of it with the white edge.

I've finished plying the 100% South African Fine Wool Roving, the November 2009 Spunky Ecletic fiber club offering, that I had spun into singles on my Turkish Delight spindle.  I got ~250 yds of 3-ply, but I forgot to check WPI before I washed & thwacked the yarn.  As soon as it is dry I will do so - and then I will have the chore of figuring what I want to make with my handspun yarn!

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Kathy said...

I also think the white edging complements the color of the shawl. It's beautiful! And my mouth is watering as I read about your tomato sauce!

drMolly, the BeanQueen