Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve 2012

An eventful year to say the least! 
The top 2 highlights of the year for me: (1) I retired from my position as the Curator of the U. S. Phaseolus Germplasm Collection on September 30 & (2) Hazel Nichole Maddux (our precious great-grand daughter) was born on December 3.
What better could one ask?

Yes, I know it was a year of horrendous tragedies in many places - I acknowledge that my response was to feel great sorrow for all involved and to again pray that these things can somehow be alleviated.  I continue to do so.

My plans for the new year will include a real effort to organize my life better, to reduce clutter in my home, attempt to live a healthier & responsible life, to love my family even more, to give thanks for ALL of my blessing each & every day, and to ENJOY all of those days left to me in this world.

My hobby world seems to continue to expand (re: that loom sitting on the table in our living room), but I plan to take an even more realisitc view of that which I have in my possession and will use it to better advantage so as to avoid putting myself into the position of being overwhelmed by "stuff".  Those UFO's are going to be done or "done-for" this year!

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Kathy said...

This time of year we pause to reflect on life. Your goals sound great to me.

drMolly, the BeanQueen