Monday, January 28, 2013

It's snowing, again

Flurries have developed into lots of snow coming down.  It is quite wet, though so I don't expect it to stay - unless, of course, it gets cold again.  And around here there is no telling what will occur, for sure.

The jam day went well, the fishing day was a bust!

The kids & I made 6 jars of blueberry and 6 jars of strawberry jam for their pantry.  Then I got to keep little Hazel-bug for a few hours until her grammaK could come get her.  The DD was working hard on her schoolwork, but had told the kids she'd watch Hazel while they had some "free-time".  So while she finished up her paper-writing the little one spent some time with me.  She is a really good baby.

On the fishing front, the lake was there, the ice was there, they drilled holes, they dropped in lines, they fished,
they had lunch, they fished,
they visited with other fisherpersons,
they fished  .............................................. but no luck. 
'tP' said they saw only one other person get but one fish during the day.  OK, another time, they figured.

I'm just doing some catch-up around here.  I am afraid I've come down with some bug or other.  Yesterday I was very careful to not let "the bug" near my face & I did a lot of hand washing.  The last thing I want is for her to get sick.  Anyway, I figure there will not be too much getting done today.

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