Thursday, February 07, 2013

And it's back to snow

There was a bit of a break for a while.  I got outside and did a bit of tree pruning & some clean-up.  Now it's back to waiting for better weather.

I got my dad's sweater finished and sent off to him.  I am currently finishing up a couple more bears for the Mother Bear Project.  And, I've nearly completed the CASA quilt - just binding to do.  That part does not take me long as I don't mind doing the binding one little bit.

Then I plan to go onto some garment sewing and another UFO quilt to finish up.  I do have to get started on our quilt group's annual quilt show challenge.  My draw was 'water', so I have to design & make a small wall hanging with the theme of water.  I already have an idea, just have to get it going.

We're having a few family concerns; my mom is having some health issues and my son is going through a very difficult patch.  So, if any of you are the praying kind I'd appreciate some thoughts for them.

We got to see our happy Hazel-bug today as 'tP' was helping the #1 GS move a couch.

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