Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One never stops being "mom"....................

as in "mom, can you help me with my homework/studying, etc.?".  I've spent most of the last two days helping my daughter study her mathematics class.  She is a psychology major at Whitworth University and has to get a final math class in in order to graduate in May.  Whoo-whee!!! I had forgotten what a lot of work is involved in math classes.  Once one only has to use certain forms of mathematics one tends to forget about the rest.

Anyway, I'm hoping the decent weather will hold so I can do some more pruning tomorrow.  But first I have to go to Moscow to see about replacing our freezer as it is having problems with continually kicking out the breaker.  Not my idea of a good time, but I am not about to let all of our frozen food be lost.

On Friday is the #1GS's 20th BD and we're (his mom & I) trying to figure out a bit of a celebration for him.  It will be a small family thing, but we want to note his passing from the teen years.

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Kathy said...

I'm just not sure I could help your daughter -- or anyone's daughter. It's been a long time since high school. I didn't take math courses in college. I have been impressed, though, that my sons I've pursued math-related topics in their careers and have been able to help their children.

I want to replace our refrigerator and our dishwasher. I just don't get out to do it. Not urgent -- so I put it off.

drMolly, the BeanQueen