Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sharing "germs"

OK, I thought I was so 'smart' at not catching "the plague" from 'tP' when he was so sick.  But, of course, as one knows, "pride goeth before the fall".  I came home from my visit with my parents with an unknown 'guest' riding along with me.  I've come down with the cold that my poor mum had caught from my dad.  Who, in the course of this sort of thing, had picked up from one or more grandchildren.  Serves me right for figuring I was "so tough" I could out-figure viruses!

Having all of the presently necessary outdoor things done turned out to be a good thing as I have not felt like going out there at all for the past few days.  I've taken the heat & light out from the chicken pen so am getting a few less eggs, but that is OK, too as there is still enough for us, just not extra to sell. 

I have the two shawlettes blocking and finished the swatch for the Pomme de Pin sweater.  Today I am going to try to get some good personal measurements so I can decide what size I want to knit and I can get started on the sweater.  I have begun the Palouse Patchers challenge quilt - mine is water - and feel that it is going well as of right now.  I do have to work on getting my craft room "back to snuff" as it seems every time I turn around I've let it get messy again.  And the whole object of organizing it was to be able to find things?????             I really do need to be better about that.

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