Friday, March 22, 2013

No interweb for last week

There was a power glitch to the broadcast system in our little town (the receiver is on the water tower) and when to was back up everyone was on on-line but us!  Wouldn't you know it the "bump" cause our old antenna to fail.  So, I had to wait until could get a new one installed.
In the meantime there was a health crisis for my mum.  Apparently the new cancer meds & some of her other ones had an unexpected interaction and she had seizures that put her into the hospital.  At first they did not know what was happening and thought she'd perhaps had a stroke, but that was not it.  A blessing for her and for us - who, of course, were worried out of our minds. 
Anway, she was stabilized and then the testing, etc. was done to try to figure what had happened.  So, today I was finally able to get the new antenna and mum gets to come home from the hospital.  The nearby sibs will be keeping a much closer eye out to make sure all stays well for now.

On the craft front, I've started my "water quilt project" for the Palouse Patcher's challenge & am well on my way.  I'm pretty proud of my progress so far, what with all the worry, & etc. 
I also have had my embroidery machine serviced and am planning to read up on its operations as much as I am able and again start to do some machine embroidery.

Snow & cold here still - AH!! Spring on the Palouse.


Kathy said...

Seems like into every life some electronic woe must fall.

My thoughts are with you at this challenging time.

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Thanks Kathy - things are looking up on the "mum-front". And the weather does seem to be improving - just hope it stays that way.

drMolly, the BeanQueen