Sunday, April 07, 2013

Back home for a fun quilt camp

I still feel a bit rocky from that doozer of a cold I came down with a couple of days before camp.  The third one this year!!!!   
Well, anyway, I got the Palouse Patcher 2013 challenge nearly done - just a few beads & some embroidery to add.  I worked on another quilt that I had going - I'm calling it Forest with a Modern Back (a reference to the back that I made in the modern quilting style).  We also made some blocks for the 2014 raffle quilt and some more for a quilt to be made for one of our members undergoing cancer treatment.  I'll put up some photos as soon as I've downloaded them.
I came home to some work around the house and, of course, the gardening things to start.  'tP' did a bunch of cleaning so mostly it's laundry and other catch-up stuff.  I'll take a tiny break from quilting, too, but want to finish the Forest quilt.  I need to get onto some of my other projects as well as some baking, etc.
I'll be busy.

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