Friday, April 26, 2013

Finish-it-Friday again!

Not much on the radar for being finished, but I'm working on it.
I've half (8) of the pinwheel blocks quilted in the Forest quilt.  I've ripped back & fixed the Pomme de Pin cardi. 
I made some homemade laundry soap-liquid form.  I'm going to test it out as to effectiveness.  I do have one warning, though, if you wish to try it.  As you are melting the soap & other ingredients in the water, MAKE SURE you stay there all the time as apparently the mix has a very low boiling point & can boil over very easily (yes, I did it & it makes quite a mess!).  There are lots of recipes for homemade cleaners so look for them on the 'net'.
Well, this makes a LOT of soft soap - I think I might have needed to add a bit more water to make it more liquid.  And this will be a very, very inexpensive way to do laundry if it does work well.

I've started working on the orange sashings on the Forest quilt - the pinwheels are all done, so there I do have one finish, LOL.

I put together the legume trellis - I plan to try to grow some pole beans that my B-i-L gave to me.  He thought they might be early enough for us to actually get some beans from them.  We generally grow bush beans
as they are the ones
     from which I can get

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