Saturday, April 27, 2013

Simple Saturday (again)

I guess I am still being hindered by this persistant bug.  I did my weekly shopping and got some lumber for the potato & rhubarb boxes, as well as looked for some English paper-piecing hexies at the only remaining quilt store in the M-P area (no luck), then came back home.  I had to take a nap!!! I was so exhausted. 
You darn betcha' is sucks to be getting old - one does not heal-up as quickly as one used to do. 
Now, I'm reading my e-mails, catching up on the blogs I read & figuring out when to start supper.  I plan on working on the baby sweater a bit this evening & listen to an audio-book while doing so.  A block-buster day.......................NO?

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