Monday, April 22, 2013

Making it Monday

A good beginning to this week - EARTH DAY!  We should all remember that our mother earth is the foundation of our existence and that we MUST take care to keep her safe for ourselves and for all who come after us. 

What are you doing to fulfill your responsibility to our universal mother?

Today I started to get some garden starters ready - I am going to plant some hardy seed in little mini-greenhouses I've made from recycled plastic food packs & then place them in a plastic covered outside garden bed.  It should keep the baby plants safe from our still occurring frosts.
I also dug some weeds and tossed them to the chickie-doodles.  They love the greens - weeds are just underloved plants & those chicks show how much they love them by gobbling them down ;~).

OK, now, I'm off to post my swap package to the UK.

I worked on my Forest quilt - I'm quilting the background of the tree blocks with some tree shapes and/or grass around the trunks & some gentle waves for the sky parts.  I also plan to stitch-in-the-ditch around the pinwheels and make triangles along the sashing strips.  And to complete the quilt I think I will do some more tree shapes in the border as it is fairly wide.

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