Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WiP Wednesday

Well, I've several of them, but only worked on one today.  I have entirely finished quilting the tree blocks and am now working on the small pinwheels between the sashing.  Wheeeeeeee they take a while being small & being 16 in total count.  It is looking OK - me not being much of a machine quilter, but I know more practice will be better.  Plus I bought a book about improving one's machine quilting, so I'm hoping it will give me some ideas on how to do that.  I do know it has exercises to help improve your work. 
Other WiPs include the Pomme de Pin sweater I'm knitting; the 2005 JoAnn BoM quilt that needs a back & to be secured in the quilt sandwich, then quilted & bound, plus a bunch of 'too-numerous-to-mention' & most likely not remembered by me right at this moment (I have to look into my logs to recall them). 

I put in some time outside, too.  I got nearly all of the "garden/orchard trash" racked, picked-up & trimmed from the garden, berry, & orchard areas.   This included all of the old stalks & leaves left from last year's growth.  I plan to work on my legume trellis tomorrow and get some spinach planted outside, then start some tomatoes & cucumbers inside.  'Tis the season!!

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