Thursday, May 23, 2013

below freezing on May 23,

oh dear!  and just when I thought it was safe to put those tender flowers in the pots outside our porch.  Well, of course, they got "crispy crittered" and now will have to be replaced.
I am just hoping that none of the fruit was damaged.  It appears the garden is OK, and the cucumbers were protected by the plastic tent, so survived fine.
I know better than to put out my beans & corn until June, so no problem there, but I was so anxious for flowers   :~(    poor things.

Finished the Modern Forest quilt last night - just need to make a label - it's being washed right now.

And look at what came in the post for me today - I REALLY-REALLY scored:  my swap package from Whitby 1 (Kate from Colchester, UK).  I got 2 lovely potholders,
some neat postcards with subjects "tied" to the area (Colchester & Whitby), some foodie goodies, and my very own "Lucky Duck".

Then I got 2 books (hard copies) that I had purchased-I already had the e-books: Botanical Knits

plus an additional single pattern from Alana Dakos, The Ivy Trellis Hat (which I can't wait to knit).

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