Friday, May 17, 2013

Finish on Friday

Well, try to anyway ;~).

This morning is starting with laundry, moving through menu planning, on to garden work, & then...........

OK, much hassle on phone with multiple parties.  It seems somebody wants me to be 65 before Sunday!  In April I had to have tests done & apparently somebody checked the Medicare box on the forms.  I received a letter from our medical insurance carrier that said they would not cover the cost of the tests as it was excluded or not covered.  ?????  Anyway I called and the person there finally found the problem, but I had to do the follow-up with the clinic and the hospital where the tests were sent.  Am now awaiting their actions on the matter. 
EGADS!!!! does this signal my experience with Medicare, etc. before it even starts?

I received, also yesterday, some lovely QuinceandCo.© yarn from Paula of the Knitting Pipeline Podcast - a prize for participating as a test knitter for one of her shawl patterns.  It's Lark, colorway Carrie's Yellow


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