Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday-up & running

(oops, forgot to post yesterday)
It's a day to make some bread, work on some quilting & "putz" around. 
I still need to water the garden, though as the promised rain has not occured & my plants are all babies with shallow roots.
I put the flowers that I purchased - "Ladies Night Out" at the local building supply - into a couple of big pots to put in the front of the house.  I replace these every spring, so I have fresh new blooms for the front decoration.  The pots are next to my rhodie' and when it is not blooming, they provide the front beauty.
I worked a bit on the sweater for the 'bug', and some on my Pomme de Pin cardi.

On my way back from the Post Office, I stopped a picked some sweet smelling lilacs.

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