Monday, May 27, 2013

More sun - more yard work

A pleasant day for Memorial Day - remember our heroes who gave their lives that we might celebrate this great country and all of the opportunities that we are blessed to have.

I worked out in the gardens a bit, filling in a couple of the asparagus rows, and planting some more lovely flowers out in my pots, etc.  I'm going to need some more pots, so will visit some thrift stores tomorrow to see what I can "score".

Here is a snap of our potential strawberries - looking good!

I've finished another bear for The Mother Bear Project, she just needs a face & she'll be on her way to some child.
Amy sent me another picture of one of my bears with a child in South Africa, too!  Here's 'Bob' bear (#14) with his new friend.


Teri said...

Bob's friend looks so happy to have him...

Kathy said...

Cute bear! And those strawberry plants do look good! How big is your strawberry bed?

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

The most amazing thing about my bed (& I really don't know how big it is, LOL) is that most of it consists of "excape-es" from the small bed in the rock wall. They made so many berries-better than the ones in the bed-that we just left them. They, of course, multiplied so now we get lots & lots of berries. They just seem to like the gravel bed better.

Kathy said...

So -- you have a bed of runners that just dropped in? Will you rip them out in three years and start all over?

drMolly, the BeanQueen