Thursday, May 09, 2013

Thanks for Thursday

Another lovely, warm day here.  I'm out in the garden planting & preparing.  Have already hung the laundry for the day - do you wonder how 2 people can have so much laundry, LOL?  Well, I have but limited clothesline space, so cannot do large loads for hanging outside and since I have a machine that can limit how much water it uses when it washes small loads, I do what will fit on the lines.  Now, I know I am probably not saving much as the outdoor drying is probably cancelled by the water usage, but I do the best I am able.  And that is all one can really do, right?

I'm now going to be the creator of a wedding dress for the #1 GS's GF.  They are planning to marry on July 4 of this year.  It is a good thing, we feel.  We're just old-fashion enough to want our grandkids to be married (& for the "little bug", too).  It will be my first experience at wedding dress as my own mum made mine & the DD purchased hers (I did do some alterations, but not the same).  Wish me luck; it's not too fancy, but it is a Vogue© pattern!

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