Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Having troubles with Blogger & making entries

Now, it appears I must be using Google Chrome to make my entries in Blogger - it really "pisses me off" that these companies can be so manipulative & not allow one to use the browser one wishes to use (& is much more familiar with, to boot) to do the blogging that one has done from the beginning!!!

OK, rant over, and if this is the way I must go, then so be it.  I will, however, still be annoyed.

Have not had much time to blog anyway as I am so VERY busy with all of the stuff around here.  I am doing all the yard work while 'tP' is off in ND and then I have to harvest & process all of the garden goodies, too.  And of course, there is the housework, too - thank heavens not so much for only one person.

I even have not had much time for crafting.  I'm trying to finish up the striped socks for the stripey sock KAL on the "Just One More Row" podcast. And I have the quilting on the seemingly never-ending big quilt to finish, too.

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