Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cooling right down, hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Yes, it definitely is autumnal around here.  The night-time temps going down to high 30's & low 40's.  Puts a crimp in the few veggies in the garden - I don't think we will get many more cucumbers & the late raspberries ripen only slowly now.  But we got a pretty good run this year, even with the ups & downs.

We picked our early apples today; got some for applesauce and some to put in the freezer for pies & such.

 There will be a few more apples from the dwarf Honeycrisp tree when they are ready next month & there are about 3 pears on the late pear tree - obviously not a good late pear year.

We are coping pretty well with the child-care routine for the great-grand daughter.  We have her for 3-4 days a week, she goes with one grandma or the other for 2-3 days and stays with her daddy 1-2 days.  It should become a bit less hectic once he gets his own home.  It has been a very long time since we had a little one around for that amount of time.  But she is such a good child and a blessing to be able to have her with us.  Great-grampa (& me too) misses her when she is not here - he was surprised it happened that quickly.

I finished my latest pair of socks and as soon as the batteries charge in my camera I will get some pictures to show off.

Now, I'm off to tackle that craft room while the DH goes to his Sunday night bowling league.

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