Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's still cool & wet here

But, I did get enough cucumbers to make one more quart of dill pickles and there were enough raspberries to finish a quart and get another, too for the freezer.  

My chickens have nearly finished laying I think for this year.  I cleaned the coop, turned on the heat lamp for its cycles and am hoping for the best.  They are getting to be "old ladies" as far as egg production is concerned and they will fulfill their destiny of becoming stewing chickens before next spring, I think.  I will keep the ones that are still laying a few eggs until the replacement hens begin to lay next year, though.  My chickie-doodles have a good life, but I am not one of those who feels I should support them when they no longer contribute to the cause.  That's not cruel, just practical, and I for one am eminently practical!

I'm back to working on my Craftsy quilting classes - when I'm not being a child care agent, LOL.  I finished the August blocks for the 2012 and am working on the August block for the 2013 BoM.  Here are a couple of block photos, plus the socks I finished, too.

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