Thursday, October 31, 2013

Good visit

My dad seems to be getting along - not that he does not miss mom, he talks about her every day - but some of his spirit seems to be returning.  I hope so as we would hate to see him fade away due to loss of her.
He told me his legs feel better now that we are reminding to wear his support socks every day, so that is one plus.  
He putters around the house and talks about what he'll do next year in the garden; another good sign, I think.  
He even had me help him find how to make beet pickles so he could pickle some of the beets that were part of the last harvest in his garden!

I took the #1 GS & the hazel-nut to see about some help from the state for housing, etc.  He's still looking for work, but in this area it's hard to find.  Something will come up, though, I have faith.  She needs a stable home and not keep getting shuffled around.  Much as we love her it would be so much better to have a home with daddy.

I am making plans for my hobbies and my life.  I want to stay as healthy as possible so I can enjoy to the fullest the rest of my life.  My mum's passing made me focus even more on that.

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Kathy said...

A healthy life -- so what your mother would want for you.

drMolly, the BeanQueen