Sunday, November 03, 2013

Don't forget to check to see if your oven is on before baking

I was making bread, I used 2 different recipes for each loaf, I used my bread machine to mix the dough, and the first loaf was risen & baking when the second batch was entering the second rise.  Thus, I turned off the oven thinking I would save energy as the second loaf would be a bit before baking.
I forgot I had turned it off so when I put the second loaf in the oven it
continued to cool instead of maintaining temperature.  The loaf, of course, rose and partly cooked, but a lower & lower temps.  So part of it fell and the loaf was misshapen when I looked to see if it was done cooking.  I then realized my mistake and re-heated oven to finish the baking, but it is one odd looking loaf of bread.  It tastes OK and will be fine to eat, but boy! the sandwiches will be weird shaped, LOL.
Well, it snowed here for the first time this season - just snow mixed with rain, but it tells us the cold weather is on its way.

I worked more on the sorting of my fabric scraps; cutting them into usable squares and measuring the larger pieces to record in my fabric log.  I've done red, orange, yellow, and now blue (a big one).  I've purple and green to go along with an assortment of pieces that can't be easily categorized.  I'm hoping this will help me be able to use up some of the scraps now that I will know what sizes I have.

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