Friday, November 08, 2013

The week in review or some such nonsense

OK, not a whole lot to report.  A lot of time taken up helping the #1 GS & msH get help from social services.  My goodness what a chore!
Other than that I finished the shawlette (Lullaby Rain) that I had to frog and re-do with smaller needles.  I nearly used all the yarn this time and did not get to do the picot bind-off; instead opting for the Russian bind-off to use less yarn. I also have a bit more done on the Pom de Pine sweater - not much but some progress anyway.  And it is now in sweater weather so I really want to get done to add some more wooly warmth to my wardrobe.
We've started eating cold weather meals, too: bean soup, chili, stew, etc. etc.  They are so good and when one adds home-made bread it's a "slam-dunk" for comfort!

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