Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ah that memory - wish it was not lost

I gave my sister the shawl when she was here on her way to dad's.  OF COURSE!! I forgot to take a picture of her wearing it.
I asked her to have someone photograph her for me, but remains to be seen if it will be done.

We've found a place for our #1 GS and msH - it is a mobile home, but he should be able to afford it once he starts working full-time & it is fairly close to Colton so child-care will be close too.

I've not much more done on the crafts, but did get some more of the fabric sorted and put a couple more rows on the sweater.  Some progress anyway.

AND, msH stood up by herself for the first time today.  Add that to learning "peek-a-boo" and we're making progress, LOL.

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