Monday, December 23, 2013

Holidays and God IS good

Although I am sure some will feel our thanks misplaced, our family rejoices in the news that my youngest brother DOES NOT have cancer.  
Instead he has been diagnosed with a very rare auto-immune disorder: neuro sarcoidosis.  It affects the meninges of the brain; the meningitis attacked due to the lowered immune response.  He, unfortunately, will have this condition the rest of his life, but it is treatable.  At present he is on a heavy duty antibiotic regime', then it will be steroid treatments.
Apparently there are some not-so-good genes in our family.  He is the third sibling to be diagnosed with auto-immune disorders.  Sometimes one does not get the good draw.
On other fronts we just take it one day at a time and pray that things will work for the best.  
Tomorrow night will be our Christmas as our beloved "bug" must spend visitation with the maternal unit on Christmas Day.  We are nothing, if but adaptable and shall not let small things ruin our celebration!

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