Friday, December 27, 2013

Life goes on here on the Palouse

It's winter as usual here; cold, clear, & long.  But since the days will now (although imperceptibly at first) be longer we look forward to Spring.

My dad is weathering his first Christmas season without my mum and my "baby brother" is on the mend. Our #1 grandson's family (he & daughter) is as secure as possible right now.  He has a job, his house is nearly ready to be lived in and he is coping with the demands of the baby's maternal unit.  Sometimes life just is not fair, but one learns to cope and do what one must.

                        My mum. me, DD, the bug, & #1GS on our last visit.

On the hobby front, I got the body part of my Pom de Pin sweater done and am now working on the sleeves.  At this rate I figure I'll have a sweater just in time for summer ;-).  I've received some more SFS legs to finish into soldier socks and our Wool Gatherer's group is going to work on baby hats.  I need to start on the quilts my mum was unable to finish for her grands & great grand, too.  

'the DH' is training to become a substitute bus driver.  He actually likes to work, but this will be only part-time, leaving him time for other pursuits.  And, it will help us financially after our large outlay for the custody battle.

All-in-all we have to state "life IS good" and we shall prevail with God's help & guidance.

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Kathy said...

Thank you for posting your "5 generation" picture. It's a treasure.

drMolly, the BeanQueen