Tuesday, January 14, 2014

And now the DH has the cold

It seems one just can't escape those viri (the plural of virus??????)
It was bad enough that 'theHaze' got that cold from me, but now the mister has it and he's back working, so it will cause more grief than if he could just stay home until it passed.
No more wind here FINALLY! and it is clear here today.  That drops the temperature, but we surely don't miss that wind. 
I got the henhouse cleaned and we went out and picked up all of the things that had blown away from their regular storage places.  
I've moved on in the spring cleaning schedule to the bedrooms - so far, so good and it's not so bad to do it in sections.
I made the #1GS a door snake for his front door - it was hemorrhaging warm air and that won't help his heat bill.  We hope to get him some help on weatherizing soon, too.
He & 'theHaze' are getting accustomed to their new home and seem to be doing OK. Even if she did have to have shots on Monday - ah those baby shots - but we are so thankful that children don't have to suffer through all of those childhood illnesses that plagued the kids of our generation.

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