Monday, January 20, 2014

Somebody is better anyway

although the DH doesn't feel any better, "the Haze" is doing better.  Just asked her daddy how she was & if the cold had gotten better.  He replied in the affirmative!

It is so cold & damp here now - I really hate fog.  I did get an egg from one of my chickens today - maybe they will get back into the swing of things.

I finished another baby hat for the hospital charity and finally got all of the fabric scraps sorted - there were a few left buried under some things out in the front room. 

This week is living room week and as I started to work in there the unfinished organization came to light.  It was soon set to rights and I got a lot more done in there, too.  Now for some deep cleaning and things will be even better.

I finished 2 bags made from the feed sacks - they are not quite right, but since I am doing proto-types it is OK.  They will be useful to someone, even if I did accidentally closed the wrong end of the bag and the handles are now sewn so the logo is upside down (read chagrined sewist here, LOL).  

I actually had someone ask if I sold them and the ladies in my spinning/knitting group are interested in learning how I made them, too.  I figure they'll make great gifts for people in my family - we're all very eco-minded and face it.......those bags are way too got to just toss in the trash when the feed is gone.

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