Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chinook winds do their stuff

And melt all of the snow in one day (we had over 12" here).  Then, of course, we had flooding of the creeks here.
The water rose to greater than halfway into our yard - very scarey.  We've had high water before, but not quite this fast or quite that high.
And we were worried about our #1 GS & msH's home in the trailer court in "oniontown".  They are right beside the creek and he told us there was 2" of water in his yard when he went to work on Wednesday.  Luckily, the water went down and did not get higher.
Lots of prayer on my part, I'll tell you!

I'm still plugging away at the crafts; finished another bear and have 2 socks past the gusset for the SFS socks.  The eternal sweater is slow, but one sleeve is about half done and the other perhaps a quarter of the way.

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