Friday, February 21, 2014

Very busy & 'the germs' come for a visit!

I realized I had not posted in a week!
No real excuse can be found, but lots of time taken with 'msH sitting' and invasion of germs.

I did get the first of the mum quilts finished and one of a pair of drapes for #1GS & msH's home.  Am now working on #2 of the pair and slogging along with the various knitting projects.

I don't feel much like doing anything and will thus not get a lot done, I'm afraid.  I just hope I don't give this to the DH and/or the baby.  Her daddy is a bit worried, too as he feels he can't miss work when he has so little of it at times.We understand completely.

It's been snowing & melting on and off, but is still pretty cold out there.  If it warmed just a bit and was clear I'd start my tree pruning for the year.

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