Monday, February 24, 2014

The forever cold

I feel like I have it - rotten thing!  My head is stuffed, my sinuses ache & I just feel generally rotten.

I got the drapes all done & hung up today in the #1GS & msH's home - they look great!

I started on the Palouse Patcher Flower Challenge today, it will be hit & miss for me to get it done on time, but I'll give it my best.

I had to rip out some of the sleeve on the eternal sweater - somehow got the wrong stitch count in the pattern.  The soldier socks are nearly done, one toe to kitchner, the other to reduce down and then kitch & I'm done!  On to a beanie with the leftover yarns.

I'm planning on starting a new quilt, too while working on some UFO's - well it really won't be a new one, it will be starting on a pattern that has been in the stash for who knows how long?  And I'll use fabric from the stash, too.

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