Sunday, March 02, 2014


& it waits for no man
Yesterday was our #1 GS's 21st birthday.  He is a young man of whom we are very proud.  Life throws us all curve balls, but he is one who steps up to the plate anticipating a home run.  We feel he will make it - if not today, then soon.
And time flies whether one is having fun or not!

I'm working on the Palouse Patcher flower challenge; I've my design done, and have started the hanging itself.  We shall see how it goes.

I've finished the latest pair of socks for the SocksForSoldier project and will make a beanie from the leftover yarn.

Today I worked at the Uniontown Sausage Feed - an annual event in the little town 2 miles south of us.  Colton & Uniontown, once fierce rivals, now try to help each other out for their community activities.  It's darn good sausage too!!

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