Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Back from camp & such fun,

I got a lot done & had a great time.  It was so relaxing & good to be away from all my responsibilities for a short time.
I made progress on quilts for a couple of the charities that our group donates to.  I nearly finished a top for a CASA quilt (quilts for children who are put into foster care) and worked on a QoV top, too.  Then I finished the blocks for a BoM from GranniesAttic - the BobbySox Sisters.  I had chosen the 30's Reproduction option.  Now I can use the finishing kit & get another top done.
I also worked on some knitting I had brought along; some MotherBear bears & some socks for myself.

Yesterday & today We did some outside work; put up some netting to keep cats out of the garden beds, planted some flower bulbs & perennials, & did a bit of clean up.  I also did some laundry & was able to hang clothes outdoors.  I so love the way the laundry smells when hung outdoors,
Made some bread & am also working on menses & goals for this week.

Our Hazel-bug is doing well.  Every time her daddy brings her to watch while he works we are surprised by how much more she has advanced.

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