Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Homestead" news.............

Well, the last two old hens moved off to a colder climate today.  They will taste just wonderful as stewed chicken or chicken & dumplings.  They lived a good healthy life, contributing eggs until they were done with that part of their journey; now they will contribute to our tasty & healthy meals.
I got started on the clean-out of the chicken house and the pen so we can prepare it for our 3 new 'chicklies' - they are growing quickly and will need more space soon.  I want to make sure they start out in a good clean environment to avoid any of them becoming ill.  Then by summer we should start having fresh eggs again.

I noted that the asparagus has begun to make its appearance in the bed.  I also finished re-assembling all of the PVC frames that we use to provide protection from "marauding" chickens and any other "pets" who tend to disturb the soil in the beds.  Each bed is framed in PVC and is covered with netting or plastic while the veggies are growing (depending on whether the plants need lots of warmth or not).

I got a bit more fabric to work on my QoV quilt - I needed some white to go with the red & blue that I already had - so can begin working on that, too.  On Sunday I have to work at the quilt show for a few hours, then quilting for shows will be over for this year & I can go back to working on others.

I am nearly finished with the socks I've been doing.  I need to finish up my 2 bears, and then start on another beanie and finish the SFS socks, too.

We'll have msH tomorrow for a bit while daddy works, but in the evening she has to go to visit "the maternal unit" and we shall not have her back until Monday when daddy works again.  We shall miss her little smiles and giggles.

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DrJulieAnn @ Let's Start Blogging! said...

This is priceless: "Well, the last two old hens moved off to a colder climate today."

drMolly, the BeanQueen