Saturday, May 24, 2014

And Saturday is shopping day.............

So, I've purchased the groceries for the week, plus some other household items.

Then it was home to work in the yard again, but today I had the #2 GS to work for me.  We pay him $5 an hour to do weeding, grass pick-up & general work around the place.  It's a way for him to earn some money and helps us, too.  Plus, we insist he save half of the money earned so his bank account grows, too.

I started quilting the CASA quilt - just straight lines - but I know the recipient will not even know it's not a fancy quilt job.  A love gift is just that & the child will know he/she is loved & has a quilt of his/her own forever.  
Well, I was going to put in a picture, but apparently I forgot to get one of the top before quilting - guess it will wait 'til done.

On the knitting front I'm still working on the leisure socks for the "other soldier" and the official SFS socks, too.  I want to start another bear as well, so will have to fit that in the schedule.

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