Friday, May 23, 2014

Yard & Garden Work

The nice weather brings the opportunity to get outside work done.  It's something that must be done in sections as this old body can no longer handle doing that sort of work (weeding & cleaning up) in long stretches.  But we got a good chunk of it done and it should be better & easier next time with not so many weeds to remove.

This AM after a stretch of weeding I planted some more seed - beets, carrots, spinach & some pak choi and arugula for Buddy the tortoise - in the garden, did some transplants - kale & swiss chard - and started some warm weather crops - cucumbers & corn - for later transplanting.  Thinning of lettuce is next on that part of the agenda, plus some more weeding.  

Then I have to transplant the little tomato plants into bigger pots.
Don't worry   :~)   I've plenty of sun block applied!

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