Thursday, May 01, 2014

Another lovely day is incoming!

I think I actually got a bit of sunburn yesterday - have not gotten new sunscreen yet for this year.  I was so anxious to get out-of-doors that I just didn't think!

the haze & I were busy  - I was sifting my compost/topsoil/sand mixture and she was busy digging up the gravel in the backyard - hey! it's work a girl can do, you know :~)

Luckily, she was in the shaded area as I also had forgotten she had sunscreen in her diaper bag.  Today I won't forget!

I also started to trim up the berries - there's always a bit of winterkill to the tops - but had to quit when she got too tired of digging & decided to take walk-about. 

In the evening I progressed a bit more on the SFS socks - the DH has been working the late shift & we had supper after he came home. 

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