Friday, May 02, 2014

A "free" weekend

as the DH & his friends are off on a bike ride.  Hope they all manage to stay out of trouble.  These are a bunch of "seasoned riders" so it should be a fun, but mostly safe trip for them.

I've planted more seeds for the garden & this time some of them are ACTUALLY in the garden beds & not just in starter pots/peats in the house.

The fruit trees are beginning to bloom - cherry & plums in full bloom, & pears beginning.  I'm hoping the forecast rain holds off for just a bit so as to get more chance of pollination.

I started some dish cloths / pot scrubbers last night (crochet) as I just could not take socks anymore & was not brain ready to work on the sweater.  
I was going to work on more drapes for the #1GS's home, but have lost the measurements for the windows!  So, will have to visit & measure AGAIN!

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