Wednesday, May 07, 2014

the rain held off long enough

for the DH to get the "flat gardens" rototilled for me.  I cut up the seed potatoes yesterday & as soon as the cut sides are dry they will go in the ground.
Then this weekend I will get some long PVC pipe & construct a small "greenhouse" over part of the corn patch so we can try the early start method our brother-in-law from "up north" told us about.  They get corn over a longer period of time - instead of all at once like our experience (no matter how we spaced the planting timewise).  The seed is germinated and planted under plastic until the weather warms, giving a headstart on corn production.

I finished up some cotton scrubby puffs for all the members of the robin and sent them off in my quilt round robin package, along with some lovely goat milk soaps I got at the local farmer's market, to the person who follows me in the robin.  
The center block (again) that I created for my quilt in the robin:

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