Saturday, June 14, 2014

Some things looking better.

We decided to try some new things for our kitty Betty.  We will not do anymore vet pills or shots - it was so hard on her and did not help - but will try out some new foods and let her live as long as she can without being in pain.  It is very hard to decide what to do, but we want her life to be as good as it can be before she has to leave us.  
Feeling better about that!

I went to the Palouse Fiber Festival today - the first of its kind for our area - and got some good shopping in :-) - one can't miss out on that!.  
I got another Jenkins Spindle - a real winner as these are so hard to get - he makes fewer than he did in the past & to get one you must go to a fiber event.  
I also got 8 ounces of undyed Cormo roving - sooooooo soft & beautiful.  Plus I bought (2) 4 ounce braids of dyed merino & tencel blend roving and (2) 4 ounce braids of dyed (heathered) BFL roving.  
Lovely to look at, wonderful to spin - I shall enjoy myself very much!

It's been raining & quite cool, so the garden is back to slow growing, but I see my beans are coming up & the carrots have germinated.  I plan to start some more beans and then some corn for a later crop than the early experimental crop under the plastic.

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