Friday, June 13, 2014

The visit was good, but

there are so many sad things happening here that I'm having a hard time dealing with it.  I brought home some things from my mom's store of memories (my sister had gone through it and sorted all out to each sibling's things & do not know how she was able to stand it).  I can't even go through it yet.  
My dad gave me some geraniums that mom had made cuttings from & put into water to root.  He was able to get them all potted up, so was giving to those of us who wished to have one.  I brought home one for myself, my daughter, & the #1 GS.  They were both very glad to get them.  Plus he had rooted a Cape Primrose from one of the plants in her collection for me.  Loving gestures but oh so sad!

Then, our Buddy - the tortoise - found his way outside when we were not looking & has gone "walk-about". We hope he can survive out there.

Plus, the vet can't figure what is wrong with our cat Betty - we've already had tests and the poor thing is as thin as a rail.  She had to have shots and pills & etc. & nothing helped.  So now we will have to have her put down before she starves to death.

I am trying to lose my grief in my quilting, but I'm afraid it is going to show in the work - it's not as good as I like, but I can't seem to care too much right now about that.

And our house painting is not going well.  We took pieces of the baseboard in to have the paint color matched, but no matter what the paint store people did they did not get it right.  Now we have $160 worth of paint we can't use.  The DH is so frustrated he now plans to have someone else come in & do the painting.  I'm not sure if our budget will cover all of the work we need to have done on the house, adding to the stress & frustration!

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Kathy said...

My work is never as good as I'd like . . .

This is your online journal which I am privileged to read though I don't know you well. Still, I would love to be able to comfort you.

Some of my friends who like you are basically my age, are dealing with the illness, frailty, and passing of their aged parents. I was a late-life child. As a youngster, I did the math and prayed that my parents would see me to adulthood. They did -- and then some -- and I'm grateful.

I just think your mother knew she had given you her best and that you are well-equipped to handle life.

drMolly, the BeanQueen