Friday, July 11, 2014

Garden Gems

This morning, before it got hot, I picked strawberries, raspberries, spinach & dill weed.  The berries go in the freezer, the spinach, too, 
BUT the dill weed gets 2 treatments: the flower heads are frozen separately, 

while the leaves are dried.

1) wash the flower bunches, drain & let dry a bit on paper towels; put          plastic wrap on the counter and lay out the heads on the plastic so they are not touching; roll up the plastic wrap gently so as not to disturb the heads, wrap in aluminum foil, mark & pop in the freezer.  Now the dill will be as near as one can come to fresh when it is time to do those dill pickles.
2) wash the leaf bunches, shake out the water & place the leaves on the fruit leather trays of your dryer; stack them up and dry until crisp; crumble the leaves & store in glass jars - voila' dill weed for all your cooking needs & no purchase necessary!!

I am getting a little craft work done.  I have to be really careful not to stress my hand - can't endanger my knitting hands!  I've finished all the SFS items for the moment, started a bear for MotherBear, and am working on the button band of the "forever" sweater.  I hope to get my sewing machine back soon so I can start on the drapes for the #1GS and my #Twilter Round Robin for this round.

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